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Although your Vase Buddy is made from high quality silicone, proper care will ensure that it continues living its best life!

Vase Buddy has been designed for use on vase openings from 12cm - 20cm. Do not attempt to use it on larger vases as parts of the grid may snap.

Ensure that your Vase Buddy and vase are both clean, dry and free of any grease before use.

Using both hands, gently stretch Vase Buddy over the rim of the vase.

Remove thorns from stems before inserting flowers

Water in the vase can be changed whilst keeping your arrangement in tact by slipping your Vase Buddy off the rim of the vase and gently lifting the stems and Vase Buddy from the vase.  Once the water has been replaced the arrangement can be placed back in the vase and your Vase Buddy once again stretched over the rim. Note that if the vase is wet, Vase Buddy won't stick to the glass.

Remove stems one-by-one when dismantling your arrangement.

Rinse with soapy water after each use and leave to air dry.